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 I have 1000's of cards for sale or trade.


Brad Butchard

Mailing address:
           12482 - 53rd Ave 
           Surrey, B.C, V3X 3B7
cell phone:  (604) 318-2709
Brad Butchard - SET KILLER

" To Brad I owe a very large thank you...
...he is the one guy who has completed
most of my sets. If you need any help
completing sets this is the man to do it. "

                               Steve Doyle - CSCT
  I am a member of Canadian Sport Card Traders

  I am a set collector, and am therefore set up to most help other set builders. I find it difficult to help collector's who only collect certain players.
     I mainly collect older Topps/Opc
  cards: any grade, any year
  (except early 90's), and any sport.
  If you would like to trade with me, but don't have anything on 
my wantlists. I will take the above
  Topps/Opc, or any later 90's/00's
  inserts and parallels, to even up the
      If you collect certain brands only,
  I  would be happy to trade all my
  ( for example, Upper Deck ) for
  your Opc cards.
      Also, if you are ultra pickey about
    card condition, I hesitate to trade with you.  I don't want to go through
    the trouble of trading cards, just to have them returned. That said, I will always send the best quality I can, but if we trade and you want cards returned you can pay postage for both.   

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  I will buy cards I need from the 50's      and 60's for up to $1 Cdn each. Any other cards from the same years up  to .25 cents each. I will also buy "lots"  of pre-90's Basketball, and Football, and pre 80's Opc and Topps Baseball  for up to 1 cent per card. Please contact me before shipping, Thanks.